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My Dearest Supporters,

With sadness, it has come time to part ways. We have had an up-and-down ride for the past year, but I have decided to leave the prank world for good. Your support and laughs will hold a special place in my heart forever 🐍❤️.

Here's what this means for you on Patreon:

  • Billing has ceased.

  • New Patrons will not be able to sign up.

  • Current Patrons will have unrestricted access to all content.

Take care, ya'll!  

And Don't Block Those Blessings!


About the Show

Waddap, Mutha Fucka? It's Leon! I'm what you would call a "prank call artist." I'm just here to spread some laughter. Maybe you can join me for the ride? If you have a request, click here to fill out the form!

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